Pre-Employment Transition Services

Through a partnership between Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS), Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP) and local collaborations, DNOM provides several pre-employment services to youth as young as 14 through adults of all ages.

Benefits Planning Assessment  

Assessments include the ability to understand and assess impact of earning against Supplemental Security Income;

Ability to explain other benefits such as: retirement options and survivors benefits;

Insight to new benefits such as health insurance choices: HMO, PPO, retirement investing difference between 401K, 457, supplemental offerings; Full report to detail impact of employment earnings.

Empowerment Units of Learning

We provide Empowerment Units of Learning, also known as E-Units of Learning, which is a school based program for Students in transition which is facilitated by DNOM staff during school hours.

These sessions give students hands-on activities and real-life situations through which they gain positive life skills.  Students are provided with empowering information, a guide to community resources, and a plan for their future. We promote transition from school to post-school activities, including post-secondary education, vocational training, integrated employment, continuing and adult education, adult services, independent living, and community participation.

Job Readiness Training (JRT)

Workshop training designed to address competencies needed to retain employment.  Subjects include interview training and mock interviews.  Training to addresses the competencies needed to retain employment, and to grow in the job. Areas covered include: Punctuality, Attendance, Attitude, Appearance, Interpersonal Relationships and Tasks Completion.

Mock Interviewing

This class provides transition aged students the opportunity to learn about the Employment Interview process, participate in mock interviews (which are recorded); review and analyze mock interviews.

Relationship Education

This class explores boundaries, interpersonal relationship skills and expected behavior in several life settings, student and workplace peers, romantic interests, and understanding informed consent.

Smart Money Workshop

One hour intense activity based workshop for transition aged students and offers exploration into how money matters in your life from earning, saving, investing, protecting, spending and borrowing.

Soft Skills Training

Activity based class where facilitators introduce students to understanding that successful employment requires not only the ‘hard skills’ but also ‘soft skills’.  Soft skills determine how well people interact, demonstrate team spirit, or even show up on time. Soft skills include effective communication, how to be a good team player, problems solving, accepting feedback, flexibility, positive impression (body language, dressing for success, eye contact), and language (what to say, what not to say).


This class is provided to students in a simulated classroom setting.  Transition aged students will learn all of the public transportation options and will receive an in-depth activity based learning experience on South East Michigan’s SMART (public transportation).