Peer Support

Peer Support is the opportunity to grow through collaborating with other individuals. This action gives everyone the opportunity to share answers as well as experiences with one another. It is with this action of sharing that we are able to come together in the common goal of system and environmental change for the disability community.


living well michigan


Living Well Michigan

Living Well with a Disability is an evidence-based program that began with the Rural Institute at the University of Montana. It is a 10-session, peer facilitated program that promotes healthy living.

Classes can be held at various locations such as:

  • On-site at Disability Network Oakland & Macomb
  • Apartment buildings
  • Community Centers

Topics Include:

  • Advocacy
  • Goal setting
  • Healthy communication
  • Healthy reactions
  • Physical fitness and nutrition
  • Problem solving
  • And much more!

Stay tuned for dates and more information!