Information & Referral


We provide up to date information and referrals on topics such as advocacy, accessibility, housing, transportation, high school transition, nursing home transition, and veteran services. We refer individuals to community resources or organizations that are appropriate to services that meet the needs of our consumers.


Mobile Outreach

Miriam Green, DNOM’s Independent Living Specialist and MMAP Certified Counselor, will host “office hours” in local community offices and/or libraries in Oakland or Macomb County to provide information and referral services to people who are unable to meet with us in our office. Information & Referral will be provided on the Medicare Part B Medicare Saving Program, Medicare Part D Extra Help Program, Advocacy, Housing, Medicaid, Social Security, Community Mental Health, High School Transition, Nursing Home Transition, and Veteran Services. 

Please check our Upcoming Events page  for Mobile Outreach locations.

For more information contact our office at 586-268-4160

Medicare Part B Beneficiaries:

The Medicare Savings Program can help pay your Medicare Part B premium. Contact Miriam Green, DNOM’s Information & Assistance Specialist and Certified MMAP Counselor for more information.

Medicare Part D Beneficiaries:
If you meet certain income and asset limits, you may qualify for Extra Help from Medicare to pay the costs of prescription drug co-pay, prescription premium, and deductable. People who qualify for Extra Help may pay $2.50 generic/$6.30 brand-name for their covered drugs.

Contact Miriam Green at 586-268-4160 ext. 6620 to schedule an appointment. There is no charge to apply for these services