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Library with a Vision for inclusion

Established by Congress in 1931 to provide free reading materials for visually impaired American Citizens throughout the world, Legally Blind Physically Handicap (LBPH) service was later extended to people with other physical disabilities. Clinton Macomb Public Library’s mission is to provide comprehensive library services to eligible blind and physically handicapped residents. They take pride in providing innovative and quality services to meet the needs and expectations of their patrons.

As part of the National Library Service (NLS) Network, the NLS is a free braille and talking book library initiative for people with temporary or permanent low vision, blindness, or a physical disability that prevents them from reading or holding the printed page.  At Clinton Macomb Public library you can search the NLS catalog and learn how to acquire special-format materials from many sources. Find a wealth of referrals; learn about sources of assistive technology, education, employment advice, and more.

As one of the nine LBPH Advisory and Outreach Centers in Michigan their catalog has an impressive array of books, magazines, videos, and DVDs in alternative formats (digital audio cartridge, braille, and descriptive videos), as well as downloadable materials in audio and electronic Braille. These materials are shipped free directly to the patron’s home and are mailed back free to the LBPH location.

Once signed up, all eligible individuals also have access to downloading tens-of-thousands of books and dozens of magazines from the National Library Service’s Braille and Audio Reading Download(BARD) site.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Persons whose visual acuity, is 20/200 or less in the better eye with correcting lenses, or whose widest field of vision is no greater than 20 degrees.
  • Persons whose visual disability, with correction and regardless of optical measurement, is unable to use standard print material.
  • Persons unable to use standard print material due to physical limitations
  • Persons as having a reading disability resulting from organic dysfunction and of sufficient severity to prevent reading standard print material in a conventional manner.

For social engagement check out their; monthly book discussions, free computer training, Assistive technology demonstrations and more, or become a part of their Vision Network to discuss vision issues, experiences and resolutions in a public open forum. Featured presenters will make periodic guess appearances for insight, resources and information.

Clinton Macomb Public Library is located at 40900 Romeo Plank Clinton TWP, MI 48038. M – Thurs. 9am – 9pm, Fri – Sun 9am – 6pm, Sunday 12pm – 6pm

For more information regarding services and eligibility please visit the library’s website at:



Macomb Library for the Blind

Accessible sliding doors

Accessible interior doors

Braille books and magazines

Braille books and magazines

Both print and braille

Braille and large print board games sign

Braille and large print board games

Braille embosser (Duxbury Software)

Braille embosser (Duxbury Software)

Audio books, players and accessories

Audio books, players and accessories

Audio described DVDs

Audio described DVDs

Handheld magnifier loans

Handheld magnifier loans

Adapted computer workstation (JAWS, ZoomText)

I Ride. You Ride. We ALL Ride.

American Cycle and Fitness (ACF) in Royal Oak, Michigan are on the cutting edge of providing Recumbent Bicycles for individuals with a physical disability.  A Recumbent bike is a bicycle that places the rider in a laid-back recycling position. Most riders choose this design for ergonomic reasons; the rider’s weight is distributed comfortably over a large area, supported by the back and buttocks.

This adaptive bicycle is designed for mobility, therapy, recreation, fun and inclusion! Each TerraTrike bike is thoughtfully designed to accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy, etc. Any bike can be further customized and adjusted to the exact specifications and unique requirements of the rider, ensuring that each TerraTrike bike is a perfect fit.

Recumbent cycling allows a variety of people to gain independence and increase their mobility from those with simple balance problems to those with more-involved disability cases.

TerraTrike works closely with a wide range of rehabilitation hospitals, government VA hospitals, and physical therapy facilities.  Therapists and Doctors love the TerraTrike for its ergonomic design and its ability to motivate consumers to continue with their exercise / therapy treatments. It also gets the consumer outdoors in a socially active environment which is a great morale motivator. This innovative bike allows riders with balance, spasticity and mobility issues a chance to get back to riding.

As an alternative to purchasing a Recumbent bike, American Cycle and Fitness has implement an option for patrons to rent the bikes with a $300 deposit (refundable) and a $65 daily rental fee. ACF is also connected with www.sun.bike who also sells Recumbent Bikes and if purchased through ACF their team will assemble it free of charge.


For more information visit www.americancycleandfiteness.com

(248) 542-7182

29248 Woodward Ave. Royal Oak, MI 48073

American Cycle & Fitness

Recumbent Bicycle

TerraTrike bike

Adaptive bicycles are designed for mobility, therapy, recreation, and fun!


Play is crucial for human development, the growth of social skills and self-confidence. Inglenook Park located in Southfield believes in the philosophy of inclusion by developing an inclusive playground promoting physical, cognitive, learning, visual and a hearing experience for all children. 

This accessible playground equipment offers benefits for children who have mobility limitations and other challenges.  Accessible surfacing has made the playground equipment easy to navigate for crutches, wheelchairs and other mobility devices.

This boundless playground includes handicap accessible bathrooms, therapeutic rings, double rail ramps, activity panels and a sway fun glider. With farm-themed play equipment as its focus; tractor bouncers, animal cutouts and an enormous playscape with a bright red barn roof top amid the play area offers visual stimulation and excitement!  The play farm is considered the largest playgrounds in the city. Complementing this inclusive initiative are fitness trails, ball diamonds and the restored nostalgic 42 acre Miller Barn.   

The safety fall zones surrounding the play equipment are covered by a combination of rubber and wood fiber. Federal guidelines require that 50 percent of a playground’s elevated structure be accessible. By comparison, at Inglenook Park, 70 percent of all play activities serve children with physical disabilities, allowing children with varying degrees of abilities an opportunity to play together. 

To add further value to this integrated park, wide double ramps have been implemented to allow wheelchair turnarounds and gripping support. Talk Tubes allow for downtime when children need to get away from the noise and chatter. Therapeutic rings provide upper body support to improve strength and mobility. Activity panels allow children to express themselves through mental exercise and exploration.

Inclusive playground designs promote a higher level of inclusive play by addressing accessibility, age, and developmental appropriateness and sensory-stimulating activity. Connecting with children of different backgrounds and abilities encourages empathy, as well as social and emotional skills that will benefit children throughout their entire lives. 

Research has shown, children who can cooperate and play with children of all ability levels and backgrounds will be more prepared for a diverse world and workplace as adults.

For an enjoyable experience visit Inglenook park at 20901 W. 12 Mile Road Southfield, MI 48076

Inglenook Park

Accessible Swings

Wheelchair accessible play equipment

Access for chairs and walkers!

Another view

Ramp into playground equipment

Accessible restrooms