Carolyn Ford

Transition Navigator & Resource Advocate

Provides core services to consumers to assist individuals with achieving their independent living goals. Presents information to nursing facility residents, staff and the community about the Nursing Facility Transition program which enables those who are Medicaid eligible to move back into their homes or into alternative housing.  Facilitates transitions from nursing homes to the community for Medicaid and Medicare eligible recipients. Carolyn is also a Resource Advocate for Macomb County.

Carolyn joined DNOM in June 2011. Carolyn has spent the last twenty years of her life and career in the health field; the last six years she served as an administrator in a Senior Home maintaining successful housing and care for consumers. On the job training and mentoring from a very special individual along with her education from Cambridge Business School, Madonna, and Davenport University has given her the opportunity to resourcefully fulfill her passion of helping others.