Team Members


Name Position & Areas of Expertise E-Mail Phone
Kelly Winn Executive Director x. 6601
Amy Maes Associate Director x. 6604
Traci Comer-Scarsella Program Manager -Employment Services and Fundraising x. 6622
Janice Graham Program Manager- Independent Living Services x. 6605
Rozeta Rox Program Manager-Community Outreach & Advocacy x. 6627
Jenell Williams

Program Manager-Information & Assistive Technology x. 6614
Roslyn Mace

Grants & Contracts Manager x. 6611
Julie Zanni Accounting & Human Resources Manager x. 6616

Mary Adragna

Information & Referral Specialist x. 6625
Jovann Aziz Employment Navigator x. 6602
Lauren Baker

Information, Referral & Public Policy Specialist

x. 6613

Joe Barczyk

Veterans Services Specialist x. 6629
Mark Bashaw

Community Resource Specialist x. 6606
Gillian Bentley

Community Education Facilitator x. 6603
Carolyn Ford

Transition Navigator & Resource Advocate x. 6623
Miriam Green

Youth Transition Specialist & Resource Advocate x. 6620

Sue Griffo

Youth Transition Specialist x. 6628
Lynn Layer

Youth Transition Specialist x. 6619

Clintonese LeVert

Administrative Assistant x. 6600
Melissa Machac

Transition Navigator & Community Education Facilitator x. 6626
Angela McConnell

Accessible Resources & Digital Media Specialist x. 6609

Employment Navigator x. 6635
Phyllis Reynolds

Transition Navigator

x. 6607

Hitch Scarsella

Community Organizer & Resource Specialist x.6624 
Gina Schafer

Veterans Services Specialist x. 6612
Jynil Schneider

Youth Transition Specialist x. 6610
Mary Jane Shafto

Youth Transition Specialist x. 6617
Linda Staley

Veterans Independent Living Resource Specialist x. 6615
Kim Tosolt

Youth Transition Specialist x. 6632
Sian Washington

Veterans Independent Living Resource Specialist x. 6618
Robert Winn

Inclusive Recreation & ADA Specialist x. 6630